Statistically speaking, airplane flight is much safer than driving a car. Meaning, the accidents are much more rare than in the case of a car. This fear is not a condition in itself, but it is, in fact, a term that describes more fears. The secret is to determine what is within the range of a flight is the factor that triggers this fear. So you can easily identify what plan to overcome this anxiety is best for you. Here are some of the most common scenarios people have when they’re afraid to fly:

“I just hate flying”

Such situations or concepts only occur when you have already experienced this and had unpleasant experiences. These may be due to staff, waiting time to boarding or lack of patience. If only these are the main reasons, it is necessary to change your mentality. Thus, during a flight you can find an activity that you enjoy – reading a book, a magazine, listening to your favorite songs, sleeping or looking on the window. For some passengers this is a pleasure, because, they say, the can see the geographical map. The most important thing is to find a balance between flight time and a favorite activity.

“Fear of flight gets worse day by day”

General anxiety is, in fact, fear of fear. Most people who face this phobia are afraid that when they fly they will have a panic attack or will become anxious. From this point of view comes the the immediate need to cancel any race, they prefer to prevent it. To overcome this fear, there are specific medications that can help or callingΒ  a psychologist could be the best solution. You can also choose a certain type of meditation that helps to set a regular breath, which can be heard on your phone or laptop. This type of anxiety can also occur in other circumstances, such as, for example, claustrophobia.


“I do not have a flight problem, I’m afraid of turbulences”

This fear is hard to defeat, because it only manifests itself from an experience you have already experienced and the event is preserved in memory. In this case, it is advisable to choose a flight agency that has as the biggest aircraft possible. Thus, the higher the plane, the less turbulent feel. Close your windows and imagine you’re on a bus. Another way to get over, is thinking to the pilot: for him, a turbulence is normal. The airplane is specially designed to deal with such situations. Also, keep the belt fixed, you will feel more safe.


“I hate the feeling of flying because I’m afraid of staying captive on the plane”

This feeling is called agoraphobia, it is a type of an anxiety that you are afraid of, or leave immediately those places or situations that could cause a state of anxiety because you feel caught in that place or situation, helpless or embarrassed . Those people who suffer from agoraphobia, fear is rather limited to the airplane itself than to the danger of collapsing.

In any situation, panic attacks are serious and should be treated as such. In-flight assistance can be requested immediately. But this is recommended before making a future flight decision. A cognitive behavioral therapist can help you overcome these emotions so that you can recalculate the brain, identify and overcome panic or, more recently, modern techniques such as virtual therapy to combat aerophobia.


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