Once you reserve a holiday, regardless of the time of the year, via an agency or directly online, you will most likely be offered the option of purchasing travel insurance. Many tourists, however, ask whether it is really necessary and useful.

So, before you opt for such insurance, it’s important to know the benefits and benefits of both for yourself and for those in need, such as your wife/husband or children.

Ussually, the group travel insurance offers: coverage of treatment, in the event of a medical emergency outside the country, due to sudden, unanticipated or unforeseen symptoms. This ensures the passenger between 3 and 365 days outside the country, depending on the beneficiary’s preference.

All the details of medical insurance are usually outlined in the brochure on benefits and insurance options. It is very important to understand the potential services that you can benefit from through an insurance, to be cautious in such a situation, to know how to react.

asigurare medicala

Outside the country, medical costs are very high if you do not have a travel insurance, which is why it is extremely useful, hoping, however, that you will not need it.

Unfortunately, accidents can occur more often than expected. So, even if you are on a business trip or on a holiday, alone or accompanied, you need safety and protection. The unpredictable nature of accidents and the increasingly alert lifestyle make us take such precautions.

Why you need a travel insurance


  • If you need medical care, do not have to bear these costs.
  • An insurance covers the delay or loss of a race.
  • For extreme sports such as skiing or, for low-risk recreational sports, such as mountain biking, tennis, volleyball, etc.
  • You can opt for additional cancellation insurance if you change your mind.
  • You have a dedicated phone number where you can call at any time if one of the risks covered by the insurance policy occurs.
  • Repatriation of the funeral, death and total permanent disability.
  • Repatriation of underage children.
  • Emergency dental treatment.
  • Individual civil liability.
  • Securing documents in case of loss or theft.
  • Ensuring luggage in case of theft, delay or loss.
  • Ensuring that the agency through which you have purchased your travel ticket goes bankrupt or goes into insolvency. In this situation, you may receive a corresponding indemnity.
  • Cancellation – if your flight or ticket is canceled for reasons beyond your control.

All the above mentioned are services that can be provided by insurance companies, depending on the package chosen and the additional options you want. What is certain is that, having a travel insurance, you stay in the situation because you know that in case of problems, you rely on the help of the professionals, without worrying about the costs.

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