In 2018, over 10 million passengers worldwide had delays or flight cancellations, according to studies. Romania too is entering this negative statistic, so that 1 in 5 passengers were affected by airlines’ delays. What can be done in this situation as a passenger?

According to the current law, passengers can claim a flight compensation of up to 600 euros through a compensation agency. Only in Romania, 83,300 passengers had delayed, canceled or over-booked flights.

The summer of 2018 was also both globally and in Romania, the most crowded and chaotic in terms of exotic tourist destinations or holidays in sunny locations. Thus, punctuality in terms of successful completion of a flight was 79%, the smallest percentage in history. Statistically, 1 in 5 passengers encountered a daily flight problem, that is 4800 passengers from all airports in Romania.

These worrying figures show that passengers suffer from the negligence of airlines, and that they have to work significantly to improve service quality and prioritize passenger law.


In fact, these figures are supported by the large number of claims for compensation through our agency, passengers who want to recover, at least partially, the loss caused by the delay or cancellation of the flight on which they relied to arrive at their destination. Most of the passengers had destinations to spend their summer holidays, but also passengers who traveled for business.

Globally, this problem was manifested by the cancellation of the entire 5th flight, the main causes being the staff strike, surprisingly, and not the bad weather. In such situations, not only airlines and passengers suffer, but also airports, which have to cope with the infernal passenger traffic and solve the problems with their pasengers capacity.

If you count among the passengers who had a delayed or canceled flight in 2018, regardless of the airline’s company, it is your right to claim a flight compensation now.

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