Imagine the following scenario: you get to the airport with your phone’s almost unloaded battery; you want to resist it until you check in. You hope that in the plane you will have access to the socket and WI-FI, but, surprise: I are not. What can you do in this situation for several hours of flight without access to technology?

The truth is that today, we are no longer accomodated without permanent access to a technological device: laptop, tablet, smartphone or at least TV. And yet, there was life before these devices, so even today there are plenty of other exciting activities to do during an airplane flight.

It is said that long flights may be more an opportunity than an inconvenience, all being just a matter of perspective. Of course, we travel for many reasons, such as holiday travel, for business or study purposes. Thus, the best way to pass the time when flying is to get emotionally prepared for when you land.

Write or read

You can write in your diary if you own one or you can write a letter to the most dear person in your life. It may seem a trivial activity, but you will rediscover your creativity and see how you can express your feelings in writing in a different manner than verbal or online. Read a book you heard about being in vogue or a magazine specialty, depending on the field of interest.

Learn a foreign language

You can have the tools you need to learn at least some foreign language phrases that you would like to know. Try to memorize the most common words and expressions you can use, especially if you are going to land in a country where you can practice what you have recently studied.

Listen to music

If your phone, laptop or tablet still has battery or you have access to a power outlet, put your headphones and listen to your favorite songs that you downloaded to that device. It is an ideal method of relaxing and giving up imagination.

Admire the landscape

Staying near the window is an ideal time to admire the clouds and the landscape, at least for as long as this is visible. The top view of a territory gives you a whole new perspective on the geographic space you are in.


Air travel offers an excellent opportunity to interact with other passengers during the flight. You can make new acquaintances and create new relationships, to share different life experiences. You can also get useful tips from a foreign person. For many people, engaging in profound discussions with strangers is a fascinating experience.

Keep your kids busy

If you’re traveling with the kids, for sure you’re busy all the time. You will have to constantly catch their attention, find various games and activities to avoid getting bored during the flight. Put ther favorite toy in the bag and also you can make a puppet theater using your fingers – a good idea to keep them busy and amused at the same time.

Have a cocktail

Depending on the type of aircraft you are in, the distance you have to travel and what to do at your destination, you can ask for a cocktail or a glass of wine to enjoy it with pleasure. If the destination is a relaxing one, the pleasure of enjoying the drink will be even greater.

Regardless of the activity, the time flies. For those passengers who can, sleeping is the best way to pass the time – they will relax and feel restful once they arrive at their destination.

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