Knowing all the rules and restrictions of a hand luggage can be quite difficult for a passenger, because each flight company may have its own rules. For this reason, an unpleasant experience on a flight could be extra charge because you have exceeded its weight or size.

What is a hand luggage


Any baggage that is taken in the airplane, in the cabin where the passengers are placed, names the hand luggage. The classic size for hand luggage usually does not have to exceed 40x 30x 20cm (length x width x height).

However, there are companies that have different aircraft, and these sizes may vary. These are specified on its site.

Hand baggage does not necessarily have to be assimilated with a luggage bag, but it can also be a briefcase, a backpack, a backpack, a laptop bag, a camera / video bag, or any other object that has similar dimensions.

In terms of hand luggage weight, it also varies depending on the aircraft you fly, but usually ranges between 8-10 kg. For any flight, it is recommended to visit the company’s website by through which the flight reservation was made.

What is forbidden in hand luggage


Liquids – In this category are many useful things such as: deodorant, shampoo, hair conditioner, perfume, beach creams and more, besides the classic bottle of water. These can be put in a plastic bag, each container having a maximum of 100 ml and all of it should not exceed 1 liter. Of course, they will be put into control on a separate tray.
Cosmetic products – these are also included in the category of liquids that will go into the transparent pouch, and the makeup, powder, lipstick or other non-liquid cosmetics can remain separate in hand luggage.
Food – a sandwich can be placed in your hand bag, but the coffee thermos is forbidden. Except for the rule, baby food, milk powder or dietary foods are accepted in packs larger than 100 ml. In any case, only the necessary quantities during the flight will be allowed.
Medicines – medications from the liquid category will be put in the special pouch, and medications in solid state are allowed in the hand luggage, provided the prospectus.
Cigarettes – Cigarettes can be carried in your hand luggage, but the number of packages varies depending on the country of destination, usually the maximum is a person’s cartridge. But the cigarette lighter, although only one piece per person is allowed, may not be allowed in hand baggage. As for the electronic cigarette, this is also accepted in the hand bag, provided the liquid is stored in a container of less than 100 ml.

In hand baggage can be transported documents, cards, money, reading books, magazines, diaries, nail kit, mobile phone, tablet, hair straightener, wave trimmer, electric toothbrush, epilator, razor if it does not have detachable blades, battery-based umbrellas, umbrellas, glassware and souvenirs if it is within the allowed dimensions, shoes including heels, musical instruments, umbrella.

However, if you are not sure whether an object is or not allowed, it is most likely to ask an airline representative for confirmation.

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