If it happen to know that your luggage is lost by the airline, the experience is unpleasant, sometimes even awful. Getting on holiday and waking up without your baggage or having a business trip and having nothing left out of your home-made outfits is definitely frustrating. And yet, this happens on a daily basis, with hundreds of passengers.

Normally, there should be a law on luggage loss, generally valid for everyone. But, from this point of view, airlines can have specific rules.

Here are some useful tips to consider if you notice that your luggage is lost:

Announce immediate the loss of your luggage

Some airlines have their own rules of several hours reporting the lost of luggages.. So, immediately look for the office where you can report the lost of your luggage and complete your refund request if they are no longer recovered.

Request reimbursement

Most airlines provide the necessary for personal hygiene in case of losing your luggage, such as toothpaste, intimate lingerie, cheap clothes. Usually you will be the one who will make the necessary purchases and you will go to the company’s settlement office within the limit of the budget set up together with a representative.

Ask the agency for additional information about the reimbursement. Unfortunately, be patient with at least one month to receive the money back.

Request the baggage fee

If it happens that your luggage is lost, you deserve the money back. If it is found that the luggage is lost permanently, some companies also offer a refund of the value of the items from the luggage or, as the case may be, there could be an insurance that offers this advantage.

Prepare for negotiation

Usually, in such a situation, you are entitled to recover the expenses in a reasonable manner. Although this “reasonable” word may not be reasonable on both sides, the airline is trying to offer you the minimum possible. Here is the time to intervene for negotiation, so that you get the correct value of the loss.

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