A supersonic passenger aircraft takes steps closer to the reality of traveling from London to New York in just three hours and 15 minutes, that is, in less than half of the time required for current transatlantic flights.

Named Boom Supersonic, the aircraft earned $ 33 million to fund Series A, enough to build and fly the XB-1 prototype. The cost of a flight, regardless of destination, is expected to be around 2500 dollars, a pretty large sum for any pocket.

XB-1, nicknamed “Baby Boom“, the test model will be the size of one third of the aircraft to be sold, more likely to airline companies.

CEO Boom, Blake Scholl, said: “Now we have all the pieces we need – technology, suppliers and capital – to go out and make some history and set some speed records“.

Last November, the company first made the airplane design and conducted some tests earlier this year.We’re about to do structural tests, and then we’re probably about a year away from flightBlake Scholl said.

The purpose of the company with this plane is to create an aronava that can sell it to global airlines at an affordable price “The build cost of the airplane itself is about $13 million. So that’s carbon fiber composites, and avionics and the hydraulics and fuel pumps and all the stuff of an airplane. The bigger cost is actually the engineering team, the development cost, so the $33 million is going towards continuing to fund the team as well as basically doubling in size this year.” said Blake.

The company has already announced its first partnership with Virgin Galactic, and other customers will be unveiledΒ  later this year.

According to Daily Mail, the first London-New York flight would ship passengers early in 2020.

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