Compare Travel Insurance has made an infographic that shows us what changes take place in the human body when we fly by plane and what are the effects of it. Pressure change is the main factor that may cause drowsiness, vomiting and nausea, uncontrolled air can cause stomach pain, dehydration, or sick symptoms.

During an airplane flight, in the human body they can have changes that can trigger a series of cellular imbalances.

Here’s a list of the most common symptoms we can have during an airplane flight, according to Independent.

Radiation – During a longer flight, such as a flight from London to New York, the human body is exposed to radiation similar to X radiation.

Dehydration – Longer flight can cause dehydration of the body because, according to studies, 3 hours of flight consumes 1.5 liters of water in the body.

Lack of oxygen – lack of enough oxygen can cause headaches, dizziness, or tiredness. On an airplane, the amount of oxygen is 75% of the normal we need.

Sick – the air circulated in the flight booth contains viruses and germs because it is not airy, so the risk of a cold is 100 times higher than normal. The risk is even greater as there are sick passengers on board.

Feelings – Flight affects taste, smell and a third of hearing. This happens when an imbalance of air pressure in the middle ear and air pressure prevents vibration of the eardrum. When a plane goes up or down, the air pressure changes very quickly, and the Eustachian tube does not react as fast. Also, by reducing the pressure, the taste is lost by up to 30%, hence the lack of appetite.

Abdominal discomfort – During a flight, we may experience a burning sensation in the stomach, constipation, flatulence or bloating. These facts occur in the case of a long plane flight, due to the fact that we spend many hours sitting on the chair. Try to change body position as often as possible, and before the flight is recommended to consume fiber such as cereals, raspberries, green vegetables, apples and constant consumption of water.

Also, during and before the flight, it is recommended to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and to avoid headache or sinus pain, a gum can be chewed.


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