At European airports, the growth rate of air traffic has started to stagnate towards the end of 2018, the same steady growth figures have not been recorded, the ACI Europe Airport International Airport said. They believe that a potential factor could be the world economy and Brexite, a factor that could have a negative influence in 2019.

2.34 billion passengers is the record number of passengers at airports in Europe, an increase of 6.1 percent over the previous year. However, the advance is lower than in 2017, when the increase was 8.7 percent.

Regarding air freight traffic, it dropped significantly in 2018 compared to 2017. “This slowdown in freight traffic is hard to ignore. It reflects the weak economic data and contraction not only in Europe but and ultimately, these developments will translate into lower passenger demand“, ACI Europe CEO Olivier Jankovec said.

In fact, British airports were the ones that had the most significant drops in terms of passenger air traffic.

The highest increases were registered in the airports of the East and South of the European Union, with Vilnius (Lithuania) and Bratislava (Slovakia) airports rising by 30.9%, respectively, by 18.1%. Also, airports in Riga (+ 15.7%), Budapest (+ 13.5%), Tallinn (+ 13.4%), Malta (+ 13.2%), Warsaw (+ 12.8% registered exponential growth.

Regarding regional airports, the increase in air traffic was not significant, the highest recorded in 2018 was in Poznan (+ 33.7%) and Sibiu (+ 32.2%). These percentages are due to the effective strategy of attracting new airlines to their airports.

ACI Europe is the board that represents more than 50 airports in the world, airports that generate 4.1% of Europe’s GDP, with over € 675 billion a year. At these airports, 12.3 million jobs were developed.


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