There is a competition too in this activity domain. The number of airline companies is on the rise, the competition is high, so everyone tries to highlight the benefits to potential customers. In addition to costs, equipment, facilities made available online, crew, staff and training are the key to brand reputation.

All the elements are, in fact, marketing strategies to reach the most prestigious airlines in the world. Each company comes with a different strategy. The company logo, various sponsors displayed as partners, things that have a positive impact from a social point of view, we are leading the association with a strong personality that make the image of the brand a pleasant one.

And yet, for airlines, one of the most important criteria is customer service. Companies have understood that the experience with the staff is the one that makes the difference – from the first smile at the check-in desk to the departure of the plane. Of course, the crew in the cabin is the most important, with it the customer will interact most during the journey.

First of all, clothing is immeasurable – each airline has a specific uniform, with specific colors and cuts, representative and emblematic for the airline. Later, the attitude is important and the approach of the clients. They are the ones who help clients from the airport to their destination.

For these reasons, airlines pay particular attention to the recruitment and training of flight crew members. Moreover, besides courtesy and service, the cabin crew helps passengers and provides them with the necessary information through a brief training process in which they are dangerous, to keep the passengers calm and secure.

The role of a flight attendant is major, provides direct contact with all passengers and is responsible for the safety and importance of passengers. They have the following responsibilities:


  • Say Hello to passengers at the entrance and exit of the plane.
  • Shows the places of passengers, paying particular attention to certain passengers such as the elderly or the disabled.
  • They serve beverages and food for passengers.
  • Check passenger seats, seat belts and all safety alarms.
  • They give the first help if it is needed.
  • Handle emergency situations carefully.
  • Provides passengers, newspapers, magazines, or other flying entertainment.
  • Offers flight reports in writing after a trip.

The role of flight attendant is an emotionally difficult one and there is a high degree of accountability, dealing in a diplomatic manner by all passengers, no matter how many hours they spend and are affected by the time zone.


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