At first impression, it would seem that the airplane flight is not the safest way to travel – from unfavorable weather conditions that can lead to delays, cancellations, turbulence and panic, to the news that a particular plane has collapsed.

All these facts initially lead to the suspicion that the plane would not be as safe as it is presented to us, and many people have developed a phobia to fly. And yet, we should leave aside these black thoughts with “what if we do” and continue the normal thread of travel, adopting the fastest way to reach the desired destination.

Here are some main reasons why airplane flight is the safest and fastest way to travel anywhere in the world:


More than 93,000 flights are made daily around the world. Tens of thousands of its commercial airliners fly and it takes weeks or months to hear news that something has happened to one of them. So the incident rate is very low compared to car accidents, for example.

In fact, according to statistics, it’s more likely to be hit by lightning than crashing into the plane.

Affordable prices

Lately, flight prices are more affordable for almost any pocket, especially at low cost airlines. This is due to competition, increased competition between airlines, and lower aircraft maintenance costs compared to previous years.

The fastest way to travel

If you have only a few days to travel, then the most affordable method in terms of time is to fly. You spend less time on the road, you have more time to spend at your destination. By car, on a long journey, spend hours or days in traffic, you need accommodation and the road can be extremely tedious.

The only way to reach some destinations

Even though we are talking about the same continent, it would be absurd to travel by car to Paris, for example, to spend days in traffic when you can get in just a few hours. If we talk about traveling on another continent, airplane is already the only available and viable travel method. Practically, airplane flight has opened up our horizons, allowing us to travel anywhere in the world, experimenting with exotic, unique destinations, exploring the planet to the fullest. Many places would not be an option for most tourists if there was no airplane.
So, the chances of embarking on an airplane that never reaches its destination is one to seven million. That means you should fly every day, 90,000 times, until an accident really happens.
So you can travel by plane without worries! Meanwhile, if you have a flight canceled or delayed, you can request a flight compensation through our agency. Depending on the nature of the problem, you can get € 600 per flight compensation. Be informed, know your rights!


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