Airplane cabin designers works not only with the allocation of budgets as needed, but also with physics laws when designing the design to make traveling on board a passenger plane.

Kondo is one of the airplane designers who offered an interview for the Independent. He says, “I often joke when I say I was raised in a Boeing 747-200.” He believes the golden age of the airplane is coming, and technological upgrades that will change our lives and travel will take place in the next few years.

Imagine you are boarding on a plane and the seat recognizes you, remembers exactly who you are, what comfortable position you prefer and gives you your favorite playlist, configured on your own home device, watching what you like.

In the future, airlines intend to use wi-fi on the plane. And yet, Kondo thinks it’s not the best thing, because now the people has time to eat, read a magazine, watch an uninterrupted film, socialize. Wi-Fi will only isolate passengers one from each other.

And yet, he says, “In a dream world, each passenger in the plane would have its own mini cabin as a small hotel.” It’s more complete that each has different cabin sizes to meet all requirements, such as, for example, large cabins for families. The cabin would be equipped with everything that would be necessary, if there were different social areas, there would be a place for meals. The similarity would be similar to that of a luxury cruise on the sea or on international railways.

And yet, we are still far from the Orient Express experience in the air. First of all, in order for these issues to be possible, it must be technically feasible to make them viable. And yet, airplane designers are convinced that the digital revolution will create customized spaces for each passenger.

The introduction of a new technological element takes a long time, as airlines need about five years to introduce new innovations into the system. For example, to create a passenger cabin on an airplane, it works in a restricted environment – materials and design are subject to exigencies and extreme conditions such as pressure fluctuations, temperatures and movements. It also has to be extremely durable.
The next important step is to serve your favorite coffee on the plane. Although there are espresso machines, they do not have the same taste as their favorite coffee. He believes that the difference makes it physically impossible to get enough hot water because the boiling point at altitude is 80-85 degrees, and at the same time our tastes suffer changes at high altitudes. There are many other aspects that can be modified for passenger comfort, such as the seat cushion design, the footrest or backrest adjustment.

Yet, flying by plane has become extremely affordable today for many people, as only 50 years ago could fly the extremely wealthy. Today, airplane flight is for everyone, so nowadays we find it luxuriant and hardly accessible, tomorrow can turn into a normal.


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