Many passengers complain that the flight has become extremely unpleasant, from long waiting in the airport, to endless security lines, to the seat on the tight seat of the plane. And yet, most complain about the fact that the toilets on the plane are very noisy. This is extremely disturbing, especially for passengers who have the seat right next to the toilet.

Soon, thanks to new technologies and a new design, toilets could become quieter due to long-term research.

There are many things to consider for an airplane toilet than we probably imagine many of us. This is the water tank which, if reduced, would also reduce the weight of the airplane and implicitly the cost of fuel consumption. Also, the dirty water tank must be taken into account, especially as it has to be secured, especially in turbulent conditions.

Modern toilets are expected to be with a much lower water consumption, with a very high suction power and a minimal amount of water. Aspiration force of water and air can move somewhere equivalent to 300 kilometers per hour, and any point where the pipe is slightly bent or the material is obstructed, leads to a higher noise.

Also, there will also be a change at the level of the valves that close and open quickly, making them much quieter.

Researchers at Brigham Young University, in a recent paper titled “Noise Reduction of a Vacuum-Assisted Toilet”, have highlighted several aspects of toilet design, so they have succeeded to significantly reduce its noise. By simply adding more spans between the washer valve and the toilet bowl with an additional pipe, the sound of the wash valve was opened and the suction pressure dropped by 16 decibels and a reduction of five to 10 decibels while it was completely open.

Also, the installation connecting each toilet to the dirty water tank often includes a 90-degree abrupt angle just below the toilet bowl, generating a considerable amount of noise, as the high water flow hits the pipe while it changes its direction. Thus, by changing these pipes in some with the gradual curve, the noise was reduced.

And yet, airlines seem rather less interested in passenger comfort and implement new technologies such as ecological toilets with low water consumption and much less noisy. It remains to be seen if the idea will figure out in the coming years.

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