On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, a rocket missile hit Abha airport in southwest Saudi Arabia. Following this attack, 26 civilians of different nationalities were injured. It seems the attack would have been produced by the Yemeni rebels, according to Reuters.

The attack took place two days after Saudi officials announced they had intercepted two Iranian allied group drones, which control large areas of Yemen, including the capital of Sanaa.

According to the BBC, sources from the group of rebels said the target was hit with precision. Of the 26 injured, there are three women and two children.

The attack has several repercussions, including the fact that in 2015 in Yemen the control of the west of the country was taken over by the rebels. Then a UN report shows that at least 7,000 civilians were killed in the conflict, and another 11,000 were injured, and 65% of the deaths were caused by the air strikes launched by the Saudi-led coalition.

Rocket exploded at 2:21 local time on Wednesday. Eight people were transported to the hospital after having suffered moderate injuries, while another 18 people were treated locally for minor injuries.

Colonel Maliki offered a statement stating that this attack on a civil airport is a serious violation of international law and that this act could have the consequence of war crimes.

The most modern American systems have failed to stop the rocket. This attack hit the full enemy, causing panic and a great confusion in its ranks” was one of the replies from a local Al-Masirah television station.

The biggest problem is that one of the attacking group’s representatives said at the beginning of the week he would start attacking each civilian airport in Saudi Arabia and would come up with “big surprises.”

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