Skytrax makes an annual ranking from the point of view of the world’s best airport. Thus, in 2019, Singapore’s first-ranked airport is Changi Airport in Singapore. Apparently, this airport has been on top of the ranking since 2013.

In 2018, more than 65.6 million passengers were transited, a record high in the world. In view of such high traffic, airport administrators have decided and confirmed that they will build a fifth terminal, a third runway, and other extensions to facilitate shopping and spending time at the airport. Their purpose is, of course, the arrival of more passengers at the airport.

Generally, in the top 100, Asian airports are best ranked. The second, three, four and five airports are Haneda (Tokyo, Japan), Incheon (Seoul, South Korea), Hamad (Doha) and Hong Kong airport.

As far as the European ranking is concerned, the first place is the airport in Munich, Germany. It is ranked 7th in the world ranking.

London – Heathrow – eighth place and Zurich ranked 10th in the rankings as European airports. In the top 10, according to this ranking, there are no airports in the United States. Only 17th is Vancouver airport (Canada) and Denver is ranked 32nd.

The best airport in the Eastern Europe region is Budapest, ranked 89th in the world. From Europe, other airports included in this ranking include Warsaw (91st place) and Prague airport (97th place).

Singapore-Changi takes off an airplane every 80 seconds and the airfield links 400 cities on the planet. It houses the largest indoor waterfall in the world. The artificial waterfall falls from the roof of the airport, from the height of a block of 13 floors.

In the relaxation complex that connects the terminals, lies a four-storey forest, a hotel and nearly 300 restaurants and bars. Its cost is estimated at about 300 million dollars and it took 4 years to complete.

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