You definitely do not want to be part of those passengers who have suffered damage if they had a delayed flight and waited more than 3 hours at an airport. Causes can be varied: from bad weather, from a flight failure to an unplanned incident such as a bird’s hitting during the pre-flight. For whatever reason, as a passenger, you are entitled to a flight compensation.

It is quite simple to get this compensation, all you have to do is know your rights according to the European rules or turn to an agency that deals with obtaining the flight compensations.

What are the circumstances I can obtain the flight compensation?

We are discussing about three possible different scenarios in which this can be achieved:


  1. Your flight has been delayed for at least 3 hours.
  2. Your flight was canceled.
  3. Your flight was denied because the plane had no free space.

In addition to financial compensation ranging between 250 euros and 600 euros, you should also receive other benefits, such as: free food, beverages, accommodation and, if necessary, even free shipping.

Besides these, however, there are situations where the airline will be entitled to offer any compensation and free of charge, in which case your request becomes null. So in a few cases of bad weather and in extraordinary circumstances, the airline will not be forced to offer anything.

What is the amount of compensation?

The amount you can get as compensation for flights can vary between 250 and 600 euros. This is not calculated depending on the airline you chose to fly or depending on the cost of the ticket, but it is reported as the distance to travel during the flight. Thus, it is irrelevant whether the cost of the airplane ticket was 50 euros or 500 euros, but it matters the distance you had to travel.

There are, however, exceptional situations in which compensation can not be granted, including:


  1. The unexpected strike of the airline staff from which you purchased the ticket or the strike of the airport staff from which you would leave or arrive.
  2. An unexpected medical emergency caused by one of the passengers on the same flight.
  3. Strong storms, storms or other unforeseen meteorological phenomena.
  4. If flight disturbance was announced at least 14 days before.
  5. Any other unforeseen incident occurring in the country or other issues that require thorough investigation.

How can I get the flight compensation?

The simplest and quickest way to get your flight compensation is to turn to an agency that deals with these issues with professionalism and experience. In addition, you can check online if you are eligible to receive delayed or canceled flight compensation. Check out the compensation here.

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