For the second time in a single week, unauthorized drones disrupted flights from Changi airport in Singapore. The aeronautical authority of the country (CASA) said that 18 flights were delayed and seven others deviated due to noise and unfavorable weather.

After a drone was observed in the air, last week a runway was suspended at Changi Airport and other dozens of flights were delayed.

Since the use of the drones is becoming more and more frequent, global airports face such security problems and their management is increasingly difficult because they are all over the head.

In an official statement, the CAAS said today: “15 departures and 3 arrivals were delayed and 7 flights were diverted due to unfavorable weather and unauthorized activities of the drones. They also added that “Passengers are reminded that authorities take seriously the flawless operations of unmanned aircraft that could pose threats to aviation or jeopardize the safety of others“.

At this point, investigations are being investigated, and offenders can receive fines of up to $ 20,000 or 12 months in prison.

Given that this airport is an important transit center, flight disruption has a very negative impact on both airlines and passengers.

Last week, another disturbance of the drones led to 37 delays and a deflected flight last Wednesday.

Security of airports and flights around the world has become a priority, especially since the number of flights and passengers choosing this method of travel increases from one day to the next.

Moreover, due to the drones, in December, more than 14,000 passengers who had travel disruptions at the busiest airport in the UK were affected. The track in question was then closed for 33 hours during 72 hours, with approximately 1,000 flights delayed.

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