Only nine months after the start of construction for the cargo terminal at the Budapest airport, BUD Cargo City, announced its completion with great fast.

The structure has 26,600 square meters, and regional builders and partners celebrated its completion in a record time through an inauguration ceremony.

At the event, Rene Droese, Cargo Officer Director, saidThe topping out ceremony marks another important step towards the opening of BUD Cargo City, which will cement our position as the air cargo hub for Central and Eastern Europe“. He completed asSince record-breaking air cargo volumes and growth in 2018, handled volumes have remained stable at BUD this year, bucking the industry-wide trend for 2019“.

However, the works will continue inside the building, which also includes office space for this terminal. Rene also said that “The pre-leasing ratio of BUD Cargo City demonstrates a clear demand for high-quality facilities, and we believe that with all efforts and steps to create an ideal home for air cargo at BUD, we will attract much more cargo from our catchment zone in the future than today“.

Also, BUD City Airport will include a 11.200-square-meter building dedicated to carriers and a 32,000-square-foot concrete type.

Thus, new parking spaces will be created for the simultaneous handling of cargo from two Boeing B-747-8F planes.

This construction is financed by the Budapest Airport and is scheduled for completion later this year.

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