Vienna recommends tourists not to read reviews from the online environment if they really want a beautiful trip and full of pleasant surprises. This has posted this message in a new travel campaign.

Vienna officials say there are some unapproved reviews that offer poor reviews of the most beautiful sights in the city, so they can mislead the tourist they would like to visit.

Comments with 1 star at the most important landmarks claim that more entertainment is given on Google and TripAdvisor. For example, a review says that at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the 12th century in Vienna, there are not enough towers.

Thus, in the promotional campaign, Vienna addresses a question “Why do we give so much importance to public opinion?

This suggests that online reviews are not the best way to guide us after choosing a place to visit when we want to relax on a holiday and stay with memories and unique experiences. The campaign is meant to get people to think ahead of what they really want, without necessarily taking into account the opinions of others, because the tastes may be different.

For example, there are historic monuments and unspoiled tourist attractions in Vienna, such as the Schonbrunn Palace or the State Opera, which have unintentional online reviews.

Reviews, especially for bars and restaurants, have become increasingly important in recent years, and even institutions require visitors to provide an online review after visiting the edifice. However, they see digitalisation as a cultural tool that people should take advantage of, not as an end in itself.

Unfortunately, many local or international business owners pay reviews to get a more favorable score. For this reason, personal experience may be different from one tourist to another, and we do not have to guide ourselves exclusively after online reviews when choosing a tourist destination.

For example, an Italian businessman has been jailed for selling false reviews on TripAdvisor. Publishing false reviews affects the reputation and the image of an institution or a tourist destination.

So, tourism representatives in Vienna, and beyond, urge travelers to stop browsing online reviews when they want to travel to a particular tourist destination and experience their own experience.

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