Paris Deputy Mayor has said tour buses are no longer welcome in the city because they cause total anarchy. But they are working on this situation to find solutions.

Emmanuel Gregoire said the Paris City Hall is dealing with regulations limiting bus traffic with tourists and that it would introduce new parking spaces outside the city.

“Buses are no longer welcome in the heart of the city” – completes the deputy mayor. He added that this measure is only part of a number of initiatives of the mayoralty aimed at mitigating the impact of over-tourism in the French capital.

Emmanuel also says Parisians are concerned about overcrowding, even though this issue is not yet exposed in other European capitals or tourist cities such as Vienna or Barcelona.

The capital of France is open to mass tourism and makes every possible effort to provide tourists with an enjoyable experience – from free public toilets and other facilities, but instead of buses, public transport or other mobility options ecological. Of course, this is indeed the disadvantage of elderly tourists, for whom mobility is more difficult.

He also admits that this regulation could make work harder for tourist guides, but they will also have to adapt, using what example the bicycle.

Finally, he added that “Everyone needs to adapt their work to the needs of the city.”

Last but not least, in his press release, the deputy mayor expressed concern about rising housing costs.

So if you plan on a trip in the near future in Paris, you may need to adapt to the new rules imposed by the city.

Last year, Paris set a record number of tourists, 50 million people, compared to 47 million in 2017. This large number of tourists was recorded despite violent protests against the government, which began last November.

Thus, France is the most visited country in the world, registering 89.4 million visitors in the last year, compared to 86.9 million tourists in 2017.

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