London City Airport presents a general sustainable plan for the next 15 years for 2020-2025. It aims at detailing how it can respond to a continuous demand for business travelers or simply leisure.

The plan predicts about 2500 new jobs for the locals, contributing to the global economy with over 2 billion pounds annually by 2035.

At the heart of the overall plan is sustainability, based on measures to encourage airlines to accelerate investment in next-generation solutions and deployments, alongside cleaner, greener, quieter, and less powery aircraft. This project states that by 2035, 75% of the jet planes would be of this type, such as the Airbus A220 and the Embraer E2.

Airline companies are open to such changes and many of them have announced upgrades in the coming period to the latest generation aircraft.

The airport also announced by the end of the year that it will be carbon neutral.

Last but not least, the airport sets out strategies to improve its position as the best airport in the UK by using more capacity public transport, new walking or cycling routes and expanding sustainable transport for staff.

But the airport will keep the tracks closed in the 8 hours of the night and will not allow the noisy aircraft to operate flights in this interval than the ones already in place.

The project does not provide for any new runway or new terminal until 2035. Generally, the airport receives around 5 million passengers annually, and by 2020 it foresees an increase of up to 6.5 million. The number is projected to increase by 2030 to 9.8 million passengers and a total of 11 million by 2035.

The airport encourages stakeholders and local government to review the plan presented and come up with new proposals and feedback on how the airport can grow sustainably and positively.

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