Whether you are traveling on a personal interest for holidays or more for business travel , it is important to know all your rights and obligations as a passenger even if you travel to Europe or abroad.

You have a scheduled business meeting in another country and you must be present at that meeting. Set up all the details in the company and head to the airport where you will fly to your destination. And, surprise! A delay of a few hours of flight has just been announced.

This delay comes with certain repercussions that affect the good business going, and rescheduling the meeting leads to new costs and endangering the relationship with certain major business partners or partners.

The plane ticket is, of course, bought by the company you are hired to. In this situation, who will receive compensation for canceled or delayed flight? Do you, as a passenger or paying company?

According to EU Regulation 261/2004, passengers who have canceled or delayed flights are eligible to receive up to EUR 600 flight compensation. And in this business trip situation, the answer is clear: the passenger will receive the compensation, no matter who pays the ticket.

According to the same EU Regulation 261/2004 (EU 261), only the passenger can apply and request compensation for a delayed or canceled flight. It does not matter who reserved and paid the ticket, whether it is another colleague or company leader. The request will therefore only be made by the passenger who suffered as a result of the delay or cancellation of the flight. The request can be made even if the flight delay or cancellation took place up to 5 years ago. A company is not eligible to receive compensation, rather than an individual.

As an employer, this could be considered unfair. However, the passenger is the one who suffers from the cancellation or postponement of the flight. Thus, he is eligible to receive compensation, regardless of whether the ticket was bought in the economic class or business class. The only option to get compensation from the employer is the employment contract between the employee and the employer, already internal rules.

The Regulation indicates that in the event of cancellation, the airline must provide an alternate flight or refund the cost of the ticket.

If the redirection is not suitable for business travel (for example, the traveler may lose weight), then the employee can request both the refund of the ticket and the compensation.

You do not know if you are eligible to receive flight compensation? Fill in the form data with all the details of the flight and you will get the answer quickly and easily.

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