The largest airport in Romania, Otopeni Airport, urgently needs an upgrading, which will be done this summer, in order to cope with the large number of tourists who are on this airport. It is very crowded during the peak hours, which is why urgent air traffic control measures are needed.

Every day, passengers complain about their displeasure at being in infernal tails, and the most crowded period of the year is July and August. Henri Coanda Airport now has three times more traffic than 10 years ago, but unfortunately, upgrades and expansion did not keep up with the increase in passenger traffic. Traffic has grown from 4.5 million to 15 million passengers.

Thus, both at the entrance and the exit, the gates seem to be too small for the large number of passengers who struggle to get in and out of the peak hours.

Some of the tourists surveyed by a national news television say: “Normally, of course, there are queues but everywhere, I’m walking around the world and there are queues“, while another says “It would be nice if have a drop box not to be in the queue … at the international airports you made the checkin, you go alone to leave your luggage no longer standing in the queue, otherwise it’s fine“.

So, the administration has announced that 6 automated passports of biometric passports will be installed at the exit of the country. Also, in the sense of entering the country, unified biometric gates will be installed in a single point, compared to the two as they are today. There will also increase the number of counters, from 20 to 28, positioned in the same place, because they are currently positioned in different areas.

However, these changes will not streamline long-term traffic as a major renovation is needed to build a new terminal, but unfortunately this is not feasible earlier than 5 years.

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