The transportation of people through airlines has an exponential increase in traffic, greater than ever. Therefore, retailing at airports remains an essential priority, which is extremely profitable. Thus, according to specialist calculations, by 2021 is expected to spend up to $ 49 billion in airports.

Thus, many of the world’s airports are expanding their retail area, especially luxury stores and restaurants. Some brands develop all kinds of new products or services that will provide them with a new and unique experience for their customers, in order to capitalize on the time spent at the airport.

Also, there is a big increase in the demand for spaces for lounges and top products in airports, where services and premium products are delivered. There is an increase in the interest of passengers to try to spend in a pleasant way the time they have expected at the airport. So, look for activities that will relax them or make them spend their time easier.

In this sense, lounge spaces are gaining more and more ground, because passengers want to take refuge in them, and the airlines only make the most of this aspect, to offer a premium experience to passengers.

Usually, airlines seek to collaborate efficiently with the lounge operator, so that the services are win-win, based on partnerships. For example, some airlines may choose a lounge location to be dedicated for a few hours exclusively to its passengers.

Finally, you can create personalized offers according to the type of passengers of each airline, because, in the end, you try to balance the profit along with offering excellent passenger experiences. The airport is a space with a constant evolution, which has to adapt frequently to the needs and requirements of the passengers in order to be able to maintain and increase the profitability and quality of services.

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