It’s been 13 years since the construction of the new airport began, and things finally seem to be gradually ending. Although the project has the deadline for completion only in 2021, Berlin Brandenburg Airport has completed the construction of the second terminal. BER will be open to passengers starting next year.

With the completion of the construction of the second terminal, the Airport is one step closer to the end. The CEO of the airport, Engelbert LΓΌtke Daldrup, welcomed the achievement as the “first important step” for the terminal.

This terminal, called T2, is expected to serve approximately 6 million passengers annually, increasing the annual capacity of BER to 28-30 million passengers per year. The airport is approximately 18 kilometers south of the German capital.

The construction started from 2006, and will be opened in October 2020, until then another 770 million euros have been invested, thus reaching a total cost of over 7.8 billion dollars. Although the official opening of the airport was initially scheduled for October 2011, it was delayed due to various safety issues in case of fire.

Terminal 1 and 2 of BER airport will have a design based on a much simpler construction, with concrete or free ceilings. According to the statements of the airport representatives, 200 million euros will be invested in terminal 2, but also in the infrastructure of roads, bus stations and a building for the federal police.

In the meantime, numerous tests are necessary for the good functionality of the airport, prerequisites for the final acceptance by the authorities. For example, tests are being made on fire alarms and electricity supply simultaneously, or various other technical, construction or planning errors.

Unfortunately, a report by TÜV Rheinland had 11,581 technical issues, including fire safety and airport security. Thus, doubts continue to arise about the fact that the BER will really open until October 2020, due to previous inconveniences.

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