Most publications talk about just about the most beautiful airports in the world. And yet, why can’t an analysis of airport runways be done? Some of them are even spectacular. A recent survey of several thousand passengers placed Denegal airport in the first place, which offers an impressive view of the Atlantic Ocean beach at landing.

Here are the 5 most spectacular tracks in the world, which have impressed the travelers due to their views and which deserve our attention:

Heathrow and London City

Whether you land at Heathrow or London City airport, the runway will be directed over the center of the capital. If that day is a beautiful, clear day, you will enjoy a view and a show of the entire city.

For a better view, it is ideal to sit on a window by plane, so you can admire the magnificent view over Canary Wharf, Shard, St Paul’s or the London Eye, along with plenty of greenery in the great parks.


The Austrian airport is surrounded by mountains, which makes it so special and offers such a spectacular view on landing. Basically, the aircraft must navigate around snow-capped peaks, thousands of meters high, offering an incredible view of course, if the weather is sunny and there are no clouds. It is an ideal way to start a journey, with a beautiful view, indescribable in words.


The aerodrome at Gibraltar is really spectacular, no matter where you are sitting on the plane seat. Wherever you look, you will have the Mediterranean in the east or the Atlantic in the west.


The airport in France has a runway that stays in the water, making the descent quite pleasant and even more sensational. It is right on the edge of Etang de Berre, a lagoon of 152 square kilometers, whose crystalline blue waters you can admire while the plane is heading along the runway, then constantly rising above it. The view is stellar.


The landscape is similar to Innsbruck, but on a much larger scale – mountains, steep valleys, then a descent on the track, without knowing whether the track is in a mountain peak or not. But, as beautiful as it is, it’s so scary for those people who are afraid they can hit the rocks.

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