Hong Kong is one of the tourist destinations that can lead to great doubts about what to visit first, or what to choose from the many sights, within the time available – from massages to feet, to long horse races, to the glittering views of Victoria Harbor. However, these destinations can disorient even the most experienced traveler.

This lively metropolis claims mountains, a vast water park, a series of quaint picturesque islands or even deserted villages. Without a doubt, there are plenty of places to visit, so here’s what would be unimportant if you are planning an adventure in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Island

Consider the incredible Hong Kong skyline – at 1811 meters high, Victoria Peak peak, even though it is not the highest mountain in Hong Kong, tourists love it, thanks to The Peak Tram, a funicular railway that takes you close to the peak. Even if it is a short trip, it is amazingly steep, and if you are lucky with a clear day with sun, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Of course, it is recommended to avoid holidays or Sundays, when queues are hellish.

Victoria port

Take a thrilling trip to Victoria Harbor. Star Ferry, a 10-minute crossing between Hong Kong Island and Tsim Sha Tsui, on the Kowloon Peninsula, is one of the cheapest and most evocative trips in the world. The clash of engines and the smell of the sea will remind you that Hong Kong was, is and always will be a maritime city.

As a tip it is advisable to take the route in the evening, around local time 20, when the symphony of lights begins, to see the buildings on both sides of the harbor and how to cut the sky with a laser for 15 minutes.

The Maritime Museum

Located near Star Ferry, tourists do not really exploit it, although it is extremely beautiful presented, with fascinating information. It is designed as a ship, with the early history of trade in Hong Kong and China. The history of the Hong Kong shipyard is told on the B-Deck, overlooking the harbor where it all began. Along with 7 other museums in Hong Kong, it has free admission on Wednesday.

The retro tram

Like Star Ferry, the “ding-ding” – as everyone in Hong Kong calls the tram – offers a cheap and interesting way to see the city. It runs along the top of Hong Kong Island. It is an interesting experience, along with unheard of sounds from ancient times.

Finally, you can visit the races as or even participate in one of them, to spend time in the charming island of Cheung Chau or to discover a desert island, Yim Tin Tsai. Whatever you choose, Hong Kong travel experience will definitely be an unforgettable one.

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