A demographic study of some researchers of the airport lounge supplier, Aspire Club says that 61% of the young people between the ages of 25-34 years old flew for the first time up to the age of 10 years.

The percentage increases with age, the more so as the tourist destinations are more and more varied, so that they travel even more times a year, the more the social media is curious about tourist destinations from all over the world, but not is limited to the continent or country of which they belong.

Moreover, technological innovation has changed tourism in a positive way, giving travelers an excellent experience. Young people today know how to orient themselves on the best offers and exotic destinations on social networks so that when they reserve a place to visit, they want to have a real life experience that they can share online.

And yet, let’s not forget that the pleasant experience must start from the moment the booking process begins. Booking tickets can now be made simple, online, without trips and queues. Moreover, there are catering services in airports, through which you can order your favorite food to be delivered to your boarding gate.

There are also airports that offer online access to the airport map, in order to get to your desired destination in a timely and fast time, such as your favorite store or restaurant. In general, such applications and facilities target the young generation that is constantly surfing the Internet.

Also, the technology has reduced printed boarding passes or loyalty cards from airlines. In time, the traditional boarding may become history, so that the passenger’s face is sufficient to recognize the data, thus becoming his own travel ticket.

Such technological developments mean that passengers can do anything from obtaining security, conducting online transactions safely, collecting loyalty points from the airline, restaurant or favorite store and accessing the services available at the airport, directly from the smartphone- personal ul.

Also, some airports customize the shopping experience, using the data provided online. Thus, it is not excluded to see ads with your favorite store or service while you are at the airport or receive a newsletter with exactly what interests you.

Increased investments are being made in the airport ecosystem, with the aim of improving people’s experience and meeting their growing expectations for technology-rich travel, especially among the younger generations.

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