Flight delays are a common problem in every airport, unfortunately. In such situations, not only do you risk losing another connection with another flight or simply not getting to your destination on time, but you also have to spend unexpected time at the airport.

Summer 2019 is already the period in which most flights were delayed or canceled and passengers had to suffer more than usual.

While some airports do not have many facilities, others offer different relaxation or dining areas, such as restaurants, spas or shops. If the airport does not offer these facilities, you can spend time looking for information on how to get compensation in case of a delayed flight or read your favorite book.

Serve the meal

Choose a restaurant or boutique that offers your favorite food and enjoy it quietly, without haste. If you are in Qatar, you can go to the airport pool, if you are in Hong Kong International you can find a golf course and a spa with aromatherapy.

Visit duty-free

Prices for alcohol, tobacco or cosmetics could be much better in duty-frees because some of them are exempt from certain taxes, depending on the country where you are. Thus, you can search for the best deals on your favorite perfume or simply for a gift to your loved one.

Try to get to a lounge

You can try to see if the airline through which you purchased a ticket offers access to the lounge. These lounges are often more comfortable than other areas of the airport. In addition, depending on the company, there are some where you have free access to food and drink.

Access the WI-FI network

It is ideal to access the airport Wi-Fi, in order not to consume from international Internet traffic, because the costs are usually quite high. With internet access, however, time goes by, browsing social media, reading your favorite magazine or newspaper or any other online activity.

Finally, depending on the waiting time, it is advisable to find an activity as pleasant as possible, so that the time passes more easily. Later, when you arrive at your destination, you will be able to request a flight compensation, depending on the severity of the situation.

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