Almost anyone can book a trip by plane, but not everyone can have an unforgettable adventure that is at the same time accessible, comfortable and fun for everyone in the group you are traveling with.

Here are some useful tips on how to have a successful plane trip:

Online reservation system

The recommendation is to look for the best deals from the airlines after you have set the destination with your team or family. Make your reservation online, to save time and energy. For example, you can follow travel blogs or price comparisons or visit the websites of travel agencies to get great deals.

It approximates the size and weight of the luggage

There is nothing more frustrating than getting to the airport and seeing that the weight or size of your luggage is not right and that you have to pay extra money for it. For this reason, be careful to fit within the limits of the ticket.

Consider alternative airports

Some airports near major cities of the world may have higher rates. Others, however, smaller, maybe even at a slightly greater distance, can have much better and lower prices, so it is more cost-effective to land there.

Chair above the wing

If the turbulence is disturbing, choose a seat above the wing of the plane. The wing is close to the center of gravity of the plane, so the turbulence will not be as well felt here as in the rest of the plane. In this situation, however, you may not have as good a view on the window.

Buy an universal socket adapter

It never hurts to have a universal socket adapter in your hand luggage, because you don’t know when and where you need to charge your phone or laptop battery.

Use an airline loyalty program

Especially if you get used to flying frequently with the same airline, it is helpful to use their loyalty program to collect bonus points.

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