If you are accustomed to traveling by plane, whether you are doing it for business or simply for the pleasure of traveling around the world, you will meet over time, and especially from one race to another, a large variety of passengers. . With some of them you may like to travel, the road seems shorter and more pleasant in the company of some, while others hope you will never meet again.

In fact, about this is the nature of joint air travel and not only – variety and diversity. Here are some categories of passengers that you enjoy traveling with and you even get to love.

Celebrities – there is no point in swirling around the tail, anyone who would like to sit next to a celebrity or an idol, however some are avoiding to hide it. Such situations are most often encountered in the first class, but there may be situations when certain public persons travel to the second class, for personal reasons, known only to them. You do not have to interact with it, it can simply be an anecdote that you later tell your friends over a coffee.

Sleep lovers – what could be better than joining a foreign passenger who sleeps and doesn’t bother you in any way? It is a pleasant way to relax, to charge the batteries after an exhausting day or simply due to lack of occupation. In such situations, any discussion or exchange of replies should not be forced, but the desire and comfort of the one near us must be respected.

Travel Experts – if you don’t know too many things or tricks about where you are about to land, a passenger who is willing to share your own experience with the place you are about to reach, can only enjoy you. It does not matter who and how the discussion started, it is important to accumulate as much information as you can use for a better travel experience.

Jokes – a passenger who can induce you a good mood can be an ideal travel partner, as long as the jokes are common sense, good-natured and do not bother with them.

Cultured passengers – if you get to interact with such passengers you may have a very good experience, because you can learn interesting things about a different culture, for example.

Finally, the journey by plane can be pleasant or less pleasant and depending on the mood we have, from the experience with the staff, check-in until boarding.

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