Probably fatigue, waiting until boarding the plane, the long way to the plane, make you sit comfortably in the seat of the airplane cabin and try to relax.

According to researchers in the field, most passengers want to order a tea or coffee to revive and improve their physical and mental state until they reach their destination.

But public health researchers recommend that these two drinks be served at the airport, until you board the plane, because it is much safer. They inform that the air pipes or tanks are cleaned only a few times a year, so that residues are deposited, which can be dangerous for public health. For this reason, specialists recommend avoiding coffee or tea in the plane.

Specialized studies have also shown 37 forms of bacteria in the water used on board, some of which gave positive E-coli signs. For this reason, the specialists recommend to the passengers to refuse on board any water that is not bottled and sealed. This problem is common especially in long flights (more and more often encountered), where passengers need food and liquids on the flight path. In these cases, flights are interrupted for food, including in countries with a lower level of sanitation.

Therefore, we recommend that passengers take care of what they consume and from what source they come, to prevent any potential infection with any bacteria during long flights.

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