When you are going on a plane trip, having your own program and individual packages, some details of your behavior may seem strange to other passengers. However, here are some common behaviors in other likely circumstances, but passengers of the plane should avoid them.

Fill the entire place for luggage – in the first minutes after boarding, everyone is looking for a place above their head where to put their hand luggage. Or, if you occupy all the space the other passengers near you will not look at you very well. Asaddar, consider how much space you occupy, so that other people’s bags can be accommodated alongside. Also, store the bag in a useful way, so that it is simple to take if you need something.

Do not pull the bag on wheels on the aisle – pulling the bag on wheels on the aisle of the plane only blocks traffic and disturbs some passengers. This can be carried gracefully in your hand, because, most likely, you will be hit by many passengers trying to sit on their seat.

Returns on the aisle – we all know that the flight path is quite narrow, so you can’t go back because you forgot something, given that behind you is probably a huge queue waiting for everyone to sit on his chair.

Sitting on the wrong seat – it is very simple to memorize the number of the seat you have to sit in, it is also easy to identify numbering, so it is quite frustrating to sit in the wrong place.

Tilt the seat – this should be in the back so as not to disturb the passenger behind you, and in the front seat do not sit with your knees, so as to inconvenience the back in front of you. You certainly would not like any of these situations.

Collaboration with flight attendants – it should be mentioned that they are not waiters, so they cannot always be available to a single passenger. They are there to help them in case of emergency, to advise them on some aspects, but you can not abuse with a large number of requests.

Given all the common sense ways, every passenger should consider them, for a pleasant and comfortable flight and to avoid the discomfort of those around.

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