In any normal bathroom, germs are potential harmful. To make things even more out of control, put that room called a bath in space, shrink it, put pressure in the air and you will create the perfect environment for germs to thrive.

Why are there any concerns? In general, breathing, drinking and eating are essential for people, and two of these two acts inevitably lead us to the bathroom. According to studies, there are three methods of spreading the bacteria: from person to person, from person to surface and then into the air.

How does it work? Bacteria can attach to fine dust particles that are so small that most filtration systems cannot capture them. From there, they circulate in the air and in a space where they can be ingested by humans. Also, the surfaces with which people interact can be deposited and infested, which is why exposure of people to dirty or public surfaces should be avoided. Among the most abundant of space bacteria is the toilet of an airplane.

Thus, after using the toilet, it is advisable to draw water as quickly as possible to avoid the spread of bacteria in the air. It is also advisable to announce if you have used the last tube of toilet paper, in order not to create an embarrassing situation for the future passenger who will use the whole.

At the same time, since all surfaces are virus and bacterial and carry germs, make sure you have as little physical contact with the surfaces of the toilet but also with the most used utensils, such as the door latch or the switch.

Don’t stand in the queue – the most unpleasant thing you can do is sit in the queue on the toilet on a very narrow aisle. It is best to watch when the toilet is released to use it.

Do not go down to the toilet – of course, after a long and arduous flight, especially if the slippers are uncomfortable, you probably think that the toilet is the perfect room where you can unbuckle your feet. Nothing wrong. Do not try to get down or walk around in the toilet of a plane or anywhere else if you do not want to get sick. Any virus or bacterium can attach to socks – from a drop of blood, a scab, urine or vomiting, people can get sick.

Don’t sit too much in the plane’s toilet – if someone knocks on the door, it means you’ve already been in the toilet too long. Delay checking emails or retouching makeup later and make room for others to use the toilet.

Hand washing – the golden rule, of course, is to wash your hands after using the toilet, although many people neglect this aspect. Specialists recommend hand washing for a minimum of 20 seconds for maximum efficiency.

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