Beijing’s new mega airport Daxing continues to flourish after its official opening in early September. Yesterday, October 27, 2019, marked an important stage in its history, making the first flight on it.

In September, the whole world watched enthusiastically as the opening of the largest and new airport in China, with the largest terminal in the world, was a real engineering wonder.

Of course, as expected, for an airport of this size to operate perfectly from all points of view, it took time to regulate all situations and to put in order every move.

From the official opening ceremony in September to the first international flight, it took about a month of preparations and tests needed for optimal functionality.

The first historic flight from Beijing’s Daxing Airport was made by Air China to Bangkok. The situation is a bit strange and the decision to make the first flight by this company, considering that two others will have main flights, constituting the majority of the capacity of the airport, China Southern and China Eastern.

Future plans for Beijing’s new Daxing Airport are to become a key player in the international air travel industry. With a growing need for international business connections and a growing economy, Daxing Airport will be a very important point for Beijing in the coming years.

The airport is approximately 50 km south of China’s capital and will be able to handle 75 million passengers per year by 2025. Earlier this year, China unveiled its plans to build 200 new airports nationwide over the next 15 years. .

With a goal to 450 airports by 2035, China is trying to nearly double its current total of 234 airports. But if we consider the fact that this country has a population of 1.3 billion, 450 airports is no longer such a large number compared to the number of inhabitants.

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