Lufthansa airline was inspired by other competing companies and intends to introduce a standard fee for hand luggage. Called Economy Light, the tax will be introduced starting November 6. This new fare allows the passengers to travel low cost but only with what they can carry exclusively in their hand, without having to benefit from the free luggage.

By introducing this tax, it is desired to obtain a competitive advantage in the fierce fight against the low cost airlines.

The new tax, called Economy Light, will not only be limited to Lufthansa flights, but will be extended to other SWISS and Austrian Airlines airlines. According to Lufthansa statements, passengers who choose to pay for luggage will also receive additional benefits, such as increasing the luggage limit up to 8 kilograms.

This fee for Lufthansa is not new for passengers traveling between Europe and North America, as they already pay the fare implemented since last summer.

Still, free meals and drinks will be kept on board. Also, passengers will be able to “modernize” their place during the trip, add more luggage when purchasing the ticket up to 23 kg, can select the place they want to sit. Of course, all these facilities are paid in advance.

At first impression, it would seem that Lufthansa wants to maximize its profit. earning the difference of money from customers who want to have a hand luggage or a preferential place.

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