It can often happen to get on a plane and have a seat near a crying baby or a person who talks too much, is noisy or you just don’t like the scent that used it. But how would you feel if you sat next to a person who has a 50kg pig near him?

Surprisingly, contrary to the words of the people, pigs can fly; or at least in the United States, where pets who are emotionally attached to their owner, are allowed to fly in the passenger cabin. One case is American Megan Peabody, who claims that the pig helps him not be anxious during the flight.

Animals that offer emotional support and support are an increasingly common and controversial topic in the United States, as more and more passengers get on an airplane with an animal, arguing that their lively lifestyle will help them keep calm during the flight. .

This phenomenon has created rigorous contradictions about what a pet would really be able to offer an emotional mastery to the passenger without paying the travel tax. Also, the impact of these acts on the personnel of the plane, of the other passengers is discussed.

Most of us are familiar with some of our pets, such as dogs, cats, who help people with disabilities in various therapies and provide medical care to those with mental health problems. These animals are specially trained to help owners, such as for directing them or detecting them when they may be in a panic attack.

In such situations, the staff does not intervene at all, except to ensure that they benefit from the comfort necessary to continue their operation that leads to panic relief. Prior to this, however, the passenger must submit a medical letter attesting this and provide behavioral assessment records as well as the pet’s health book. In addition, the boarding of a certain one can be refused if it is found that it may represent a health and safety hazard for other passengers.

Also, if pets for therapeutic purposes are accepted, in these situations the aircraft personnel should not be involved at all. Unfortunately, some passengers take advantage of this, bringing with them reptiles, alligators, snakes, pigs etc. such requests are categorically rejected, as such people can fraudulently claim that they are animals that help them overcome certain emotional states on the path. trip.

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