Emirates introduces airport maps in its application, facilitating the passage of passengers through terminals. Airport maps can detect the user’s location and provide more accessible navigation, from one point to another.

In the Emirates application, the so-called feature is called Airport Maps. This can detect the exact location of the user (using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), thus ensuring connection to all important points of entry and exit of the airport, including check-in points, lounges, shops, restaurants or ATMs.

The Emirates application is available in 19 languages ​​and is currently used by 1.5 million active users each month. This allows customers to search, book and manage flights, as well as Emirates Skywards accounts.

The new feature is available at Dubai International Airport, London Heathrow, Gatwick London and Hong Kong International Airport.

Around 90 million passengers transit through Dubai International Airport every year, so this technology has been introduced to improve the user experience, and for better convenience for travelers using the Emirates app.

Lately, the Emirates application has undergone a number of improvements, such as creating a customized playlist for in-flight entertainment, synchronizing it with the seat in the cockpit, introducing 3D seat models, becoming the first airline to introduce virtual reality technology. web (VR) on its digital platform.

This type of 3D seat model offers the possibility to view the aircraft cabin as a whole, 360 degrees inside the Emirates A380 and all types of Emirates B777 aircraft.

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