The Czech Prime Minister says that th International Airport of Prague, managed by the state, will be expanded to meet current needs and expectations and to meet all current criteria.

Andrej Babis told in a news conference, earlier this week, that the airport, named Vaclav Havel, will expand the Terminal 2, which currently serves flights to countries in the Shengen area. Also, among other new investments, a new track will be built by 2028.

The approximate cost of the investments will be about $ 2.4 billion, which is 55 billion Czech crowns. This investment is considered to be absolutely necessary, as it is expected that the number of passengers who will use this airport to transit could reach up to 30 million per year.

Currently, the airport reached the capacity of 16.8 million passengers last year, and this year, until the end, a total of about 17.7 million passengers are expected.

As part of the expansion of the airport there is also a connecting train between Prague and the airport, a work that should be completed by 2028. This project would cost around 44 million Czech crowns, additional cost compared to the airport expansion.

This airport is an important transport point for the Czech Republic. It is perceived as a modern airport, not only in Europe, but also worldwide, being the gateway to Prague for millions of tourists, annually. It also plays an important strategic role in terms of both the security of the Czech Republic and its economic and political activities. For this reason, the state accepts the development to continue in the long term.

Also, development is important as a threshold for adherence to the idea of ​​urban development. Thus, Prime Minister Andrej Babis mentioned that he supports the surrounding communities and the activities of public benefits, thus taking care of the welfare of the employees and their development.

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