The hardest commute for a passenger is having to travel daily by plane to work. And yet this happens to some people. But the delay of some flights can be catastrophic in such situations, all the more so as the situation can be repeated daily.

If the plane happens to be late, the daily itinerary should be redone depending on the time you arrive at work or meeting.

And yet, travelers who go through this daily scenario through Tokyo’s Haneda airport, are experiencing such unpleasant incidents less and less, because it is the airport with the least delays in the world.

Haneda, officially called Tokyo International Airport, is the fifth busiest airport in the world, with nearly 87 million passengers passing through 2018. It surpasses Chicago O’Hare’s large hubs, (83 million) Heathrow (80 million). ) and Hong Kong (74.5 million) in terms of passenger demand.

For example, despite the extremely heavy traffic, in 2018 it delivered on time 85.6% of flights, a percentage that makes it the most punctual airport at the global level. The overall average for airports of this size was about 77.1% flights made on time.

Also, this airport retains its honorary title for 4 consecutive years. And yet, how is that possible? Some passengers are wondering, especially since the flow of people is so high compared to other airports that record thousands of delayed flight minutes annually.

The success is due to the strict determination of the employees, who are offered a range of innovative, efficient technologies, which are used throughout the airport. For example, on the inside of the airport, baggage handlers pick up about 17 thousand bags daily. To prevent muscular stretching, at the beginning of each shift, the employers do stretching exercises. The airport aims to deliver passengers’ luggage within 10 minutes.

If you have a cancellation or delay of flight, you can request a compensation of up to 600 euros, filling here the form available online.

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