An Air India flight was delayed for 12 hours after a hidden rat was identified in the plane’s cabin. The flight was scheduled for Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam.

The 952nd flight was scheduled to depart on Sunday at 6:10 a.m, but after the rat was found, passengers were notified to board the plane. This flight was only resumed at 7 pm, according to the Times of India.

Thus, the passengers were forced to disembark, in order to check in detail and to deratize the cabin of the aircraft for a thorough control of the pests, before the flight resumed and the passengers could board the plane.

According to statistics, mice and rats are common reasons for delayed flights and not necessarily because they can damage health, but because many passengers have phobias of such animals and would get into a real panic that is hard to control. Such critical situations could lead to serious damage to the aircraft cabin, as people react impulsively and imperatively in crisis situations.

Even the company officials confirmed that such an incident took place, but they resolved it with calm and professionalism.

The flight delay proved to be 10 times longer than the duration of the flight itself, which lasted approximately 315 miles from the entrance of Hyderabad city to Visakhapatnam, which is on the east coast of India.

Similar incidents also occurred in Alaska Airlines, Air Berlin and Air Canada.

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