As the situation in Hong Kong continues to deteriorate, airlines have also begun to reduce flights to the city. This has a particularly negative impact on Hong Kong. This impact is highlighted in the percentage of passengers who crossed the airport in October, by 13% lower, while flights decreased by 6 percent.

Simply Flying reported that Chinese carriers have reduced services in Hong Kong as demand has declined. Also, airlines change large planes into smaller ones, as the number of passengers decreases.

For example, Shanghai Airlines now uses Boeing 737-800 aircraft instead of Airbus A330-300s. Air China also uses the A330s to fly between Hong Kong and Beijing.

On the other hand, some airlines have canceled certain domestic flights. For example, from South China no longer flies to Hong Kong from Shenyang or Yiwu. Xiamen Airlines has temporarily focused on flights between Hong Kong and Fuzhou, Hangzhou and Quanzhou.

And not only airlines are starting to reduce the number of flights, but also other companies that deliver various services. All this, however, he hopes that things will return to normal when the situation improves.

What is the reason for this crisis? Hong Kong went into recession in the third quarter of 2019, for the first time since the global financial crisis, amid demonstrations meant to denounce Beijing’s regression of freedoms and growing interference with the problems of the semi-autonomous region, but also the effects of the US-US trade war. China.

Thus, tourism and sales are facing a sharp decline, so it remains to be seen whether the crisis will spread worldwide or stabilize over time.

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