This week, future passengers of Dubai World Central Airport will have the opportunity to see how it will look like when will be completed, at the Dubai Air Show.

Expanding it with works worth over $ 36 billion will be one of the largest airports in the world.

The airport was officially opened in 2010, and was initially designed to reduce traffic on Dubai International Airport, making it the busiest airport in the world. However, as Dubai does not do it in half, when fully completed, Dubai World Central Airport will be expanded to 145 square kilometers, handling up to 240 million passengers annually.

Unfortunately, because of the financial crisis in the Golf, the completion and expansion of this work was delayed, at the moment the works are stopped. Moreover, its officials have stated that the deadlines for completion of the works are not yet set exactly.

However, completion is expected to be pushed to 2030, as master plans are updated to reflect changes in airport design and technology.

Currently, there is only one runway at Dubai Central Airport, a terminal that can handle 5 million passengers annually and another freight terminal that can handle one million tons annually. The airport manages some of the aircraft, passengers and freight passing through Dubai International.

Basically, the main plan proposes 5 parallel tracks, with a length of 4.5 kimometers each, and each of them is large enough to handle simultaneous operations. Also, two terminals are proposed, on both sides of the airport.

Finally, the project is supposed to be a very complex and sophisticated one, with a number of complexities and difficulties for expansion and expansion.

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