For the next 5 months, the Lisbon Airport is going to be closed over night starting next year. The reason is its submission to works designed to increase its capacity.

Thus, starting with January 2020, the airport will be closed over night, hoping that by the summer the works will be completed and it will be able to operate at its new maximum capacity.

The time interval at which the airport will be closed will be 23:30 – 06:00. The management of the airport anticipates a time of execution of the works of about 6 months, works that will rise to costs of over 1 billion euros. But this will help increase the capital from the new passenger trips.

Although the future sounds promising, things are a bit more complicated. The closing of the airport at night comes with a series of drawbacks, such as the crowding of day trips and the efficient management of the airlines.

Thus, although the works aim for more flexibility, in the short term they will hinder the smooth running of the airlines’ flights. This means that some of them are required to change some of its routes, such as the low-cost airline easyJet.

However, these works will have a positive long-term impact. What will initially be a small inconvenience for a short period of time, in the future will create new opportunities for the expansion and future investments of the airlines.

Expanding the airport means greater capacity for aircraft, allowing existing airlines to expand their services. However, space will also be created for new companies.

Although other airlines are unhappy with the decision made because it affects their profitability, the works are absolutely necessary to help increase the transport capacity of people facing Portugal. It is even possible to witness the expansion of other airlines with this investment.

Will you be affected by the closure of the Lisbon airport? If you have a delayed or canceled flight, you can request a flight compensation by completing the form here.

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