In over 55 years of activity, the Boeing 737 has become the best-selling aircraft of all time. Unfortunately, the crisis behind the latest generation Boeing 737 Max cost the title of best-selling aircraft.

By the end of October, the Boeing 737 had 15,136 new orders, which includes all generations of the aircraft. However, in the same interval, Airbus registered a total of 15,193 new orders for its model in the A320 category. Thus, Airbus comes in first place as a number of new orders.

Airbus started selling the A320 only in 1984, that is 20 years later when it started selling the Boeing 737. However, given the fact that Boieng intends to resume sales, in 2020 it may be able to recover recaptures the place of the best-selling aircraft model, speculating that it expects a record year in sales.

On the other hand, however, the Airbus A320 continues to sell very well, record strong sales, which will make the mission much more difficult for its competitor, Boeing 737.

For example, at the largest airline in the world in Paris, Airbus booked orders for 237 A320 aircraft, while Beoing sold 200 copies of 737. However, Boeing hopes to resume delivery next month, so starting from January to take over the commercial service.

However, given the recent stream of Airbus orders, along with the introduction of the new line in the A321XLR stock, it is unlikely that the Boieing 737 will ever regain its best-selling model title.

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