Everyone sees that global warming is advancing so fast. But for Greenland things are much worse. This country sees this as a very big problem for her main airport, which is why she is investing heavily in a backup plan, but it is not known how long this solution will take.

What is the main problem? Melted ice affects the resistance structure. Thus, Greenland anticipates that in the next five years the airport will be closed because it is already struggling with climate change. Permafrost is the reason for the deterioration of the structural integrity of Kangerlussuaq airport. Basically, the hard and always frozen layer below the airport begins to freeze. Thus, the implications of permanent thawing jeopardize the safety of airport traffic.

In 2018, 11 thousand flights were flown to and from the airport. Permafrost not only affects the airport structure, but this phenomenon leads to the release of possible greenhouse gases, which will continue to heat the planet. Since 80% of Greenland is covered by ice, global warming is definitely a disaster for her.

However, Greenland’s plan is to remain the operational airport, although there are very few ways to slow down this phenomenon. Basically, in 5 years it is not known if the airport can be saved, so the construction of a new airport is considered. Actually. Greenland would like to build 3 new airports to deal with traffic, when it will no longer be functional.

An airport will be built in both Nuuk and Ilulissat, which will be able to meet most international aircraft. The third will be in Qaqortoq, with a track shorter than 1500 meters. All three airports will be ready by 2023.

However, this strategy of building new airports does not seem the happiest to deal with climate change, but rather has an impact on the aviation industry in Greenland.

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