Brandenburg Airport in Berlin (BER), after long delays, will officially open until October 31, 2020, after 9 years since it was due to open.

The airport in Berlin comes with the announcement delay 9 years later, following scandals regarding corruption but also the design of the airport. However, this also affected Germany’s reputation for efficiency.

Initially BER airport was due to open in March 2011, the first of 10 official opening dates, all of which proved to be postponed later. The initial budget was 2.83 billion euros, which in time amounted to 7 billion euros so far.

The construction and initial project began 15 years ago, in 2006. The purpose of this new airport is to replace the old airports of Germany, Tegel and SchΓΆnefeld, which were once the main hubs of the former West and East Berlin.

Among the main obstacles to completing the construction, there were several problems, among which: the construction planning company went bankrupt in 2010, thus causing major delays; in 2012 it was found that there are different problems with the alarm system and important fire protection; In 2014, the representatives realized that the traffic is growing exponentially and that the initial capacity of the new airport will not cope with the flow of passengers, which has determined the need for future designs before opening; In 2015, a former BER operator was convicted for accepting bribes from Imtech, the company that built the fire protection system.

Despite all the problems, the chief of the site said that the first flight will surely take place from this airport starting on October 31, 2020. During the same period, the Tegel airport would be closed a week later.

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