You have planned in detail every step you are going to go through the long-awaited vacation and look forward to the time of departure. Yes, surprise! The scheduled flight is delayed or, worse, canceled. Of course, all the plans are over your head and the situation becomes extremely unpleasant. What can you do, however, if you have a canceled or delayed flight with Wizz Air and not only?

As a passenger, you have European rights that you must know and apply there and when appropriate. Many times, passengers’ rights are not fulfilled unless they are demanded by themselves.

Since we are in the age of speed, we want everything to be that the book and punctuality are normal in any field. Unfortunately, however, due to multiple reasons that are due to the airlines or not, the delay or cancellation of flights is a common occurrence all over the world.

For example, suppose the happy case where the flight has a delay of 3 hours. On flights with 3 or more hours delay, the passenger has the right to request a financial compensation for the flight. This amount will be calculated according to the distance traveled and the number of hours delayed, and the amount can be between 250 and 600 euros per passenger.

How can you get the right amount? To make such an application, you must call a company that deals with the compensation of passengers in the case of canceled or delayed flights, which, further, will handle the entire procedure. All you have to do is access the website, check if you are eligible for flight compensation and complete the required form.

In the case of an even more unpleasant situation, such as the cancellation of the flight, in addition to the compensation of the flight can be requested to the airline and the refund of the amount paid for the ticket or the redirection to another flight.

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