If you travel quite often, you have probably seen scenarios where some passengers are detained at the airport or at the check-in gate before boarding are taken for further investigations.

Although security measures are often more than sufficient and even embarrassing or embarrassing for some passengers, what happens if you are detained by border agencies? Such a situation with a passenger who has to board a plane, may even lead to delayed flight until the problem is resolved with that person.

To avoid such incidents or unpleasant situations, always, before embarking on a plane trip, check the website of the airport and the flight company to check what additional safety measures have been implemented to comply with the rules. to pass.

Beyond that, for example, in the UK, security services are vaguely explained about what raises suspicions, thus expanding the possibilities of being stopped for further interrogation or checks, including for detaining people under the anti-trafficking law. terrorism and border security.

In customs cases, the most common cases are those of drug trafficking, in which the passenger is suspected to be traveling on drugs. Some are empty by simply evasive, inconsistent behavior, and their responses lead to deep sweating.

Also, if you were in the past in such a situation, on the next flight you could again be subject to such interrogations, even if this time you are completely innocent.

Finally, to avoid such inconvenience, the safest is to comply with all the rules in force at the border crossing, to strictly respect the baggage rules, to be cooperative with the customs and border police agents and so you will have no reasons to concern.

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