We all know the old tricks of buying air tickets to get the best deals, such as those 65 days before the flight or, at some companies, Tuesday morning because they are cheaper for some reasons. But when is the best time to buy an upgrade to your already purchased ticket?

In no way does the airport. As a rule, the best time to upgrade is after checking in online. The thought of being bored during a long flight on an economy seat may tempt you to upgrade to a premium, business class seat. Say, even if you supplement this comfort with only a few extra inches of foot space, to be more comfortable or for the possibility of folding the seat to sleep comfortably.

Getting prices better than the initial ones is like the lottery. You are not sure whether or not the last hundred meters will be a better upgrade offer than if you had initially bought the ticket. In addition, the disadvantage of the upgrade will be that you will no longer have the same choice of seat in the plane.

And the notion that some places can become cheaper just because they were not occupied is totally wrong. Not all airlines adopt this strategy.

Of course, there are exceptions where airlines get very good deals on premium seats for the last hundred meters, just to fill the seats. Some companies even offer the possibility of free upgrades if the number of available places allows this.

Finally, if you really want an upgrade of the plane seat for added comfort, it’s probably not worth the wait until the last minute, because you won’t get better prices than in exceptional situations. Better make sure you buy the right place at the right time.

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